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Golf Equipment at your Local Golf Practice Facility

The most important feature of buying new golf equipment is that you are fully comfortable with it. Using clubs that suit your game will put you on the right track to improvement, and the only way to find out is try them at your local practice facility.

Too many golfers head for the first tee after buying a set of clubs straight off the rack. Doing so results in bad scores followed by a loss of confidence in your swing and your clubs - you may even go so far as to alter your game to accommodate your clubs. Professionals always advise on trying new golf equipment before you buy, and practice facilities are ideal for really getting to know clubs in terms of feel, distance and control.

It is not only clubs that need broken-in, all your golfing equipment - shoes, gloves and even waterproofs - should be given a test. Who knows, you might be unable to swing a club while wearing your new top-of-the-range waterproof suit.

Most practice facilities cater for all parts of your game, from the driver to the putter and, considering that 40% of shots take place on the putting surface, using practice greens to sample four or five putters isn't necessarily a bad idea. So the next time you visit your local practice range make the most of your stay and become a better player.

Most practice facilities stock the latest releases from golf's leading equipment manufacturers, but you can get a "pre-range" peek at what's hot for the season right here. Don't forget to visit their websites to find out more.

New Ben Sayers Golf Equipment - Forged Titanium WoodBEN SAYERS tel: 01620 892219
New from Ben Sayers and priced at 139.99 is the M2i Beta Forged Titanium Wood that gives enhanced distance and more control, and the M2i Super Steel Woods, from 69.99, with their classic tour head shape and peripheral weighting. Also from Ben Sayers come the M2i Super Steel Irons, from 279.99, with their uniquely shaped four-way cambered anti-drag sole.

New Titleist Golf Equipment - DCI 822-OS high perfomance ironTITLEIST tel: 01480 301114
The new DCI 822-OS is a high performance iron for players of all handicaps who prefer or need offset and oversize design technology. From 650 for the steel set or 850 for the graphite equivalent, the iron has the largest, highest volume cavity of any DCI model for increased forgiveness on miss hits, and features a rounded top line for more confidence in the playing position.

New Go Golf Equipment - a new high class travel coverGO tel: 01372 721 279
A new world patented high class travel cover, this 6-wheel base design is the most manageable travel cover to date. The cover is made of 'memory-material' that helps it to fold down easily, requiring almost no storage room. Coming in black or navy the cover is priced at 89.

New Pro-Quip Golf Equipment - the Tempest Checked waterproof jacketPRO-QUIP tel: 01620 892219
At only 70, the Tempest Checked waterproof jacket is a lightweight, flurepel protected, breathable and waterproof jacket with inner and outer storm guard and a high storm collar for maximum protection, and a soft finish for greater comfort. Designed for golfers with minimal noise due to vent-x liner.

New Mizuno Golf Equipment - Mizuno's new Driver, the Bluefire up close

MIZUNO tel: 01189 362 147
Mizuno's new driver, Bluefire, asks serious questions of the competition with a traditional design not yet seen on USGA non-conforming woods. The company states that grooves are vital in producing the backspin needed for a true ball flight, when playing in damp or moist conditions. The Bluefire retails at 299.99.

New Ping Golf Equipment - the new TiSl Tec fairway woodsPING tel: 01427 619224
Following on from the success of the TiSI Tec drivers comes the new TiSI Tec fairway woods. Coming in four lofts the woods feature many of the technological innovations found on the TiSI Tec driver including CMT (Chemical Milling Technology), variable face thickness and the JX custom fit hosel. Priced at 349 for steel and 399 for graphite.

New Cleveland Golf Equipment - TA7 irons featuring micro cavitiesCLEVELAND tel: 01423 709 709
Cutting-edge technology blends with a great looking clubhead in the all-ability TA7 irons, featuring micro-cavities. The micro-cavities lower the centre of gravity and move more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead. Priced from 599 for steel and 699 for graphite, the shape of the TA7, helps create a large hitting area.

New Regal Golf Equipment - the Tristar Tour Irons with their classic profile and great feelREGAL tel: 0870 747 3425
The Tristar Tour Irons are form cast, then forged from soft carbon steel, giving the consistency of casting with the feel of a forging. A thin top line and an aesthetically pleasing appearance create a classic profile, and priced at 349 for the set, represent outstanding value.

New Powerbilt Golf Equipment - TPS 7.0 irons  that have a low centre of gravityPOWERBILT tel: 0161 654 8881
The TPS 7.0 irons from Power Bilt, priced at 449 for graphite and 349 for steel, are doubled heat-treated stainless steel that gives a forged-like feel. The undercut cavity assures low centres of gravity to enable high, soft shots. The weighting of the cavity wing allows for squaring the head at impact for greater accuracy.

New Aquapac Golf Equipment - a close up of this exciting new product

AQUAPAC tel: 020 7738 4466
Designated a 'Millennium Product' by the Design Council, this new waterproof phone case allows you to keep an eye out for messages, and allows quick calls in the event of a sudden downpour. Sound passes through the plastic with no loss of volume. The case, priced at 14.99, floats if dropped in water, and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

New Prestige Golf Equipment - the Prestige STD irons with their unique groove designPRESTIGE tel:0115 9727
The Prestige STD irons, starting from 199, have a unique groove design. Their radiating grooves diverge to counteract the effect of off-centre shots, resulting in a straighter ball flight and no loss of distance. Shots from the heel or toe are corrected to perform as if hit from the sweetspot.

New Taylor Made Golf Equipment - the new XR-03 Driver up closeTAYLOR MADE tel: 0800 389 4292
The new XR-03 Driver, at 500, is the strongest and thinnest face design ever from TaylorMade and results in high COR design, and highest ballspeed for greater distance. The new addition to the TaylorMade range features a deep face design for greater impact and stability, with clean classic looks.

New Nike Golf Equipment - the Nike Forged Titanium drivers  for a better feelNIKE tel: 0800 056 1640
New for 2002 Nike have introduced the Nike Forged Titanium Driver at 350, Nike Forged Wedges at 99, and the Nike Forged Tour Irons from 700. The driver is precision forged for a stronger, thinner and lighter material. The wedges are also precision forged for a soft carbon feel, and the irons are forged tour blades made from 1030 carbon steel for a better feel.

New Maxfli Golf Equipment - the A10 Iron up close
MAXFLI tel: 01924 880000
The A10 iron features a unique progressive cavity design from the 3 iron to the wedges. Maxfli's unique technology allows the clubs to function like two clubs set in one, resulting in ultimate playability, feel and greater control. Priced at 549 for steel shaft and 749 for graphite shaft.

New Wilson Golf Equipment - the Deep Red Beta-Ti 365 for a higher launch angleWILSON tel: 01294 316270
Wilson continues its successful range of Deep Red woods with the introduction of a new larger headed driver - the Deep Red Beta-Ti 365 driver. As is all of the Deep Red family of woods, the key design in the new driver is the positioning of the weight - deep, low and back, which creates a higher launch angle. Priced at 279 the driver is available in a lite, stiff, regular and extra stiff flexes.






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