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We all need more practice; it's as simple as that. Even the best players in the world insist they don't spend enough time on the practice ground. Not to mention the benefit of Golf Lessons. Before ensuring his eighth Major title at Bethpage State Park, world number one Tiger Woods admitted needing more practice with his long irons. It's somewhat unbelievable to think that a man now regarded as the greatest ever needs to tighten up any part of game, yet he is a shining example to each and every one of us. All golfers need practice - and the more of it the better.

Spending quality time at your local golf practice facility allows you to focus on all parts of your game, not just key areas like your driving. Taking in eighteen holes to practice golf instruction from your favourite magazine is not the way forward, as not only will you restrict your game development, you will most likely hold up the entire course.

Any golf professional will tell you practicing at the range is one of the fundamental ways to improve all aspects of your game. What's more, it should be an enjoyable experience running through all the clubs in the bag - from the driver to the putter - not just our favourite seven iron. Regrettably, some of us still insist on thrashing 200 balls with the driver, however, statistics prove around 70% of shots during a round come from within 150-yards of the green, yet practice in that department is deemed unnecessary. In spite of this, large number of practice facilities in Scotland occupy short game practice areas (some are indoors) with USGA standard bunkers and greens. Golf lessons don't necessarily have to revolve around woods and iron play, as the putter is used on every hole.

Every golfer should be a regular at their local facility, pinpointing short sessions to concentrate on every aspect of their game and, whether you stay for an hour or fifteen minutes, each visit should be productive in terms of learning and improvement. Besides, practice makes perfect, and it should be fun, too. You could even start regular trips with your golfing partner and practice together, perhaps finishing each session with a "range game," be it closest to the target, etc. Unlike the golf course, the practice facility awards complete control, so you needn't worry about slow play.

Most, if not all, practice facilities bear the expertise and knowledge of a resident PGA professional, readily available for golf lessons. Some even provide video lessons where your swing is recorded and analysed to pinpoint any flaws. Plus, during your visit you can inspect the new releases from golf's top manufacturers in the adjoining pro-shop or have a bite to eat in the on-site restaurant. The experience of practice should not necessitate monotonous ball striking - it should encompass all parts of the game.

Nobody should attempt to try any tips from Tiger on the first tee - they simply don't work. Regular range visits are more productive in maintaining steady game improvement as you go through the entire golfing repertoire, only then can you stand on the first tee of the Saturday morning medal fully prepared to hit your opening shot.






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